Elevators is the HOME for first-time authors and novice creators

Our mission is to help people with a desire to write transform that desire into published works.

We help with ALL stages of the creative process, even coming up with your ideas.

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THIS is how most people picture authors...

...and THIS is how they see creative people.

But most authors and creatives look like THIS...


You have to be born "creative" to write a book.

You need to be an English major to write a book.

Your grammar is should be perfect(see what I did there?)



About Elevators

"I believe wholeheartedly in the power of story."

Jarray Davis is the founder of Elevators. He is an author, documentary filmmaker and motivational speaker.

He was also featured in Johnny Wimbrey's best selling book, Breakthrough.

"I wrote my first short story in 7th grade English class and fell in-love with this thing. I wrote my first book by hand twenty years ago on the floor of the one bedroom apartment that I shared with my girlfriend at the time. If no one ever read a single story from me I wouldn't care, because I just love stories that much. I don't care if it's a book, a movie or a drunk conversation at the bar... I just love a good story. And now I wan to help with yours."



Elkridge, MD, USA

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