"We all have the inner voice somewhere within us. You can call it whatever you’d like: intuition, the voice of ancestors, guardian angels… God… It’s all the same, and it’s always present. We just find ourselves thinking that we know better than that voice, or blatantly ignoring its unspoken advice. I’d felt it for some time; the presence of something other than myself. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all, but more so like a dark shadow that followed me around for the purpose of making me feel uneasy. In retrospect, there was something trying to alert me to the fact that my life was totally out of order and headed no certain direction."

-Jarray Davis

Elevators in My Mind

Ch.1 Pg.1

Elevators in My Mind is an emotional true story written by Jarray Davis while the memories were vivid in his mind. 

"Writing this book was a difficult task for me. Not because I didn't know how... But because it meant I would have to confront and re-live things I only wanted to experience once in my lifetime."

Elevators in My Mind

" Why did I name the book Elevators in My Mind? It's simple... What does an elevator do all day? It goes up and down; that's all it does. Up and down. The title is a metaphor that represents my emotional state over the course of the memoir."

Written in narrative form Elevators in My Mind is a book that both fiction and non-fiction lovers alike can get behind. If you're a fan of the book, or television show, Orange is the New Black then you will definitely be a fan of Elevators in My Mind. It will completely transport you into the landscapes of  Corrections, while also introducing the reader to the many unique characters that Jarray encountered as he attempted to maintain his sanity and be reunited with his family once again. What sets it apart from its predecessors in the genre is how it brings closure to the reader by following his trials, tribulations and triumphs after being returned to the free-world. Sixteen years of life are condensed into 222 pages of a hard life lesson. Download a free preview now!

"Honestly... I never had any intention to write about myself. The only thing that motivated me to do so was the thought that my story could help someone who maybe doesn't have a voice."


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