Age Does Not Define Your Limits

November 2, 2018

If you're 23, 35 or 50 years old, the only thing you're too old for is a face tattoo. Other than that, the sky's the limit Grandpa! However, there will be people who will cast doubt and question everything you do. For me, that loudest voice of doubt is in my own head! Do you really want to spend all the time and energy necessary to learn something new, or to make a 180 degree shift in life? After you finish learning a new skill, what are you going to do? How much longer in life do you have to utilize it? I fight that thought by looking at it like this: I can spend the next five years learning and honing my craft, or trying to reach my goal, and then spend the next 35 years enjoying the fruits of my labor. Or, I can spend the next 40 years doing the same old bullshit. When I weigh those two out on the scales of Justice it's easy to see which one wins.



I assure you, and I don't think one dead soul would disagree, that life is short. You have to live it the way YOU want to live it. And you have to play it the way YOU want to play it. In a Thanos finger snap it could be over. It's okay that you didn't figure certain things out when you were younger. What's that cliche saying? Better late than never. If you want to be a better person, do that! If you want to be a better husband, do that! If you want to be a better father, do that! If you want to get fit like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger or Massy Arias, do that! If you want to practice law go back to school! But don't you dare tell yourself that it's too late for you. Don't you dare convince yourself that it's best to just continue living the way you've been doing it. You know... the way that's not bringing you happiness. Obviously you're unsatisfied with it... Not in a depressive kind of way, but in a "I know I can do more" kind of way.


You know how in the movies when a person is about to pass they're usually in a neatly made-up bed with a comforter tucked up under the chest? Somebody's sitting bedside lightly holding their hand. And they don't look horrible at all! No, they just look like they're fighting a nap. Well that's how I've always envisioned myself going out. Which also means I'll have time to think coherently. I'll have time to reflect on my life. The things I did. Things that I did not do. I'd rather have extreme flatulence in that moment than to have regret. I don't want to look back on my life with a "I should have" or "I could have", because at that point it's too late.



Right now as you read this article... that's the moment! This is the opportunity to do something different. This is the opportunity to make a change and satisfy your own desire. Today is the day! I want you to start putting your plan together on paper. Figure out what it's going to take for you to reach your goal and do it. And guess what? You won't regret it. There's no such thing as regret for success. And also, guess what else? When you're done, you will look ahead at the rest of your life and say, "Damn! there's still so much time left. What else can I do?" And I'll be glad to rub it in your face and say I told you so.


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Jarray Davis is an author, blogger, and hospitality professional.



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