Opportunities Are Like Deadbeat Dads

November 7, 2018


     Opportunities are like a deadbeat dad. Once they're gone... they're not coming back around. I want you to close your eyes. I want you to imagine yourself driving on the interstate. You're jamming to Drake, listening to an audiobook, or talking to a co-pilot. All of a sudden you notice your exit approaching rapidly. You have about five seconds to switch lanes and get off on this exit. You can make it safely, but it's cutting it close. Are you the type of person that will take that chance and quickly get off? Or are you the person that thinks about it one second too long and have now missed that exit and are waiting for your GPS to redirect? I have been guilty of the latter several times throughout my life. But life has made me less willing to accept these kinds of passive character flaws. What I want for you is to learn from my mistakes. In the words of Jay Z: Hov did that so hopefully you wouldn't have to go through that.


     You know who gives the worst advice? You do. You give the worst advice to yourself. Think about it: When you're alarm clock goes off at the exact moment that you need to wake up, who convinces you that five more minutes won't hurt anything causing you to oversleep? When it's time to hunker down and do homework, or anything productive, who convinces you that the best thing to do is sit down on the couch and watch a little TV or check your Instagram first? It's that same voice that tells you when immediate action is necessary that the opportunity will come by again. But, it never does...

     We can be our own worst enemy at times. What you and I need to learn is how to get out of our own way. Because, guess what? Opportunities are few and far in-between. Life will present several opportunities to you in a lifetime, but only a few of those are opportunities that you want. And those opportunities do not repeat. Opportunities are not like LED ticker tape machines that repeat the same messages over and over again. What kind of challenge would life be it constantly threw opportunities your way? 


     No matter whether it is a chance run-in with that influencer you've been dying to network with, seeing an attractive stranger at a party that you're debating going over to talk with, a job posting, or whatever... You will not always be afforded the time to think about it, or pep yourself up. You have to take action and think about it later. The voice inside of us is not always right. That voice inside of us many times is feeding into the doubt that exists within us. It wants you to be comfortable, which essentially means staying inside your cozy, well-built comfort zone. And though that comfort zone makes us feel great, guess what its filled with? Nothing. A whole lot of nothing. Take a chance, and grab those opportunities quickly. You'll love yourself for it.


Jarray Davis is an author, motivational speaker and hospitality professional.


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