Saving Others Means First Saving Yourself

November 13, 2018


I know you're a good person at heart, and because of that you want to save the world. Or, if nothing else, at least pull a few people up. But if you've not reached a certain level in your journey, you stand to lose more by prematurely jumping out there to save someone else. If you're truly passionate about helping others, you must delay that urge until you've invested adequate time in yourself.


When you're on an airplane and the fight attendant is explaining the safety rules, what do they say about the oxygen mask? Make sure you put yours on before you attempt to help put on someone else's mask. There's logic in that which I didn't understand when I first started flying. In fact, I thought those instructions were backwards. It made sense that I would try to save my child or my significant other first. The problem is you may pass out before you can get theirs secure, putting both lives in jeopardy. This is just a metaphor for life. 


If you're not financially sound you stand to put yourself in a worse position by overextending yourself with money you do not have. If you're not spiritually sound you stand to put yourself in the worst position by overextending yourself with spiritual currency that you don't have. The best way for you to help someone is to put yourself in the position to win. The closer you get to that goal the more you have to offer the world and the people around you.


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Jarray Davis is a management professional and author.




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