How To Develop Good Habits

November 27, 2018



Good habits are developed in the same way as bad habits: through repetition over time. And for that reason, we must be intentional about the activities with which we're involved. The way that we approach one issue will affect how we approach unrelated issues in the future. Here are three things that everyone can do alone or in combination to develop better habits:


1. Push Harder in Your Workouts 


When exercising and your mind reaches the point where it wants to stop because of discomfort. When you're feeling the burn DO NOT STOP.


Push for that extra rep on the bench, or that those extra few minutes on the treadmill. When you do this repeatedly, you're strengthening your mind's sense of perseverance. We all have those moments where that voice in our head is trying to give us an excuse to quit. This training will muffle that voice. And when you're feeling that mental burn... You'll press forward!


2. Find a Hobby that Requires Patience 


A hobby is a great way to develop beneficial habits. Many hobbies require concentration and patience. Last year I started the hobby of wood working. In the beginning I wanted to throw some of my projects against the wall.


Doing something new, and something where small mistakes ruin everything, was a challenge for me. I thought for a while that I was a patient person, but this really tested me. Finishing one project took weeks, and I'm the type of person that likes to speed through things for completion. However, I learned that rushed work is not quality work. And that same logic has been applied to other facets of my life. I don't feel so anxious to get something done that I know requires time and attention. 


Ever notice how in Karate movies like the Karate Kid the teacher has one of those bonsai trees? They don't grow in the spiral shape without some help and cultivation.


So the teacher spends time every day carefully clipping the limbs and leaves until he achieves the shape he wants. Then he spends more time maintaining that shape. It's not a practice that's just for the beauty of the tree, but for the patience they acquire in maintaining the tree. Boom!



3. Play Games that Require Thought


It has been said that presidents all play chess. The reason for this is that chess requires strategy. In order to defeat your opponent you must be able to plan ahead several moves, instead of one at a time.


Through playing this game repetitiously they develop the ability of foresight, which they use to govern this great country. They know that if they take action "A" there will be reaction "B", and so they'll be ready with response "C". They're not envisioning an actual chess board in their head, but still utilizing the strategic skills they've learned through habit. How awesome is that?! So instead of playing Red Dead Redemption or GTA V every night, try a game of skill. 


Put these three things to practice on a routine basis and see how it can make a positive impact on your life. I guarantee you'll be pleased with the results.



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Jarray Davis is a motivational speaker, author and hospitality professional. 


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How To Develop Good Habits

November 27, 2018

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